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Reasons for Why to visit Bangkok ???

As Bangkok is one of the booming tourist destination on only in Thailand but also in entire the world. but still some of the tourists are still confused about what are the tourist places to see in Bangkok ?? Which are the tourist activities to enjoy in Bangkok ?? ETC. .

To get answer for for various questions related with Bangkok tourist  please have a look at the video below which will give you best introductory information about Bangkok city.


There are various temples in Bangkok built in Euro-Chinese architectural style. Have a visit to floating market. Enjoy the street food. Bangkok is really a best tourist destination in Thailand for pleasant, charming and enjoying holidays.

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Discover The Beauty Of Tourist Attractions In Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the planet’s most in vogue tourist spot, drawing in millions upon millions of guests every year. There are ample places to see in Barcelona and the place is practically everything any holidaymaker might want. Its credentials are Simple access, great climate conditions, ravishing sunny shores and encompassing mountains, a buzzing nightlife, tasty neighborhood cooking and it’s steeped in society and history.

Barcelona sightseeing options are totally amazing and it is surely a touring wonderland, lodging numerous unmistakable landmarks. Let us explore some of the best touring spots in Barcelona here.

Barcelona Panoramic View

Barcelona Panoramic View

Park Guel

Outlined by the planet celebrated internationally Catalan engineer Antoni Gaudí at the starting of the 20th century, it is currently part of the Unesco World Heritage Sites record. You can respect the really popular diverse mosaic monster wellspring, the serpentine seat, the flying creature settles manufactured by Gaudí in the terrace dividers, dividers that mimic the trees planted on them, the colonnaded trail under the roadway viaduct, Gaudí’s one of a kind tiles and the two gingerbread such as structures at the passageway of the recreation centre.

Visit Here :- To know more about all amazing tourist places to visit in Barcelona which you should not miss in your trip.

Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas, the most renowned worldwide road in Barcelona is a 1.2 kilometre and one of the best places to visit in Barcelona, It is a long tree-lined, vibrant and enthusiastic promenade beside the Gothic Quarters, associating Place Catalunya in the focal point with the Christopher Columbus landmark in the harbour. Las Ramblas might be gathered, especially in heightened season. Booths, bloom stalls, restaurants, a beautiful nourishment showcase, shops and road craftsmen are to be discovered in wealth here. You can likewise respect a round tile mosaic by the extremely popular Barcelona conceived painter Joan Miró right amidst the Ramblas.

The Old Gothic Cathedral & the Gothic Quarter

Barcelona Old Town Gothic Quarter is arranged simply aside Las Ramblas and is the best Barcelona places to visit. Its restricted winding lanes shroud several of Barcelona’s attractions. The Cathedral of Santa Eulalia is a huge and excellent sample of Catalan Gothic structural engineering, began in 1298. The confused neo-Gothic veneer was included much later, in the 19th century. Highlights inside the house of prayer are the theme with its ornamentation and some best sculptural works from now is the right time, the passageway to the sepulchre of Santa Eulàlia, example of piety of the city, or more all the order. Each Sunday at twelve, neighbourhood individuals accumulate before the Cathedral to move the well-known Sardana, the Catalan national move.

The Magic Fountain & Montjuïc

The Magic Fountain is a breath-taking showcase of colour, light, movement, music and water aerobatic exhibition. The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc’s first exhibition was in 1929 throughout the Great Universal Exhibition. The venture comprised of an arrangement of falls and wellsprings between the Palau Nacional and the fundamental display focus on the Montjuïc, and the Place d’espanya at the foot of the knoll. Throughout the sunny season nights, when the wellspring is actuated, it lures countless guests who watch the approx. 15 moment fantastic presentation of light, water and music.

The Beach & Harbour

Barcelona has 4.2 km of brilliant sandy sunny shores just 10 mins from the downtown area and is the best Barcelona Sightseeing options. There are more than enough things to do on the sunny shore plus swim. Windsurfing and kite surfing are very ubiquitous as well. You can additionally like a reviving drink from one of the numerous vacation spot cottages, or in the event that you’re in need of a rest, only rests and splash up the warmth of the Spanish sun with an exceptional book. For the 1992 Olympics, Barcelona’s whole ocean front was revamped.

For more information on Barcelona places to visit, nightlife and touring options, visit

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Eiffel Tower – An Unforgettable Tourist Attractions In Paris

We all know that Paris is a best tourist city in the world and also known as “City Of Romance“.

There are so many romantic sights and place to visit in Paris and undoubtedly Eiffel Tower is best of them. But still there are so many unknown facts bout Eiffel tower which you mat not know.

Just have a look at the video below to get some best information about Eiffel tower. You will get the best historical information about period of construction and many other details about the Eiffel tower.



Just explore the beauty of Eiffel tower and Paris city.

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