Top Reasons to Visit Boston, MA

things to do in boston

Boston, MA

Boston is the most educationally inclined city in the United States of America. It is literally a storehouse of great universities, schools and colleges. Career-oriented students excelling in the field of research, medicine, engineering, media and everything else are present here in large numbers. Intricately designed, this city is home to a lot of buildings, skyscrapers and other quintessential buildings of architectural genius. Boston might seem pretty expensive preliminarily. But once you know the best time to visit Boston, it provides unmatchable facilities and meets every demand and requirement of the tourist.

Boston Popular For:

Boston Famous for Education

Boston Famous for Education

Boston is very famous for education. There are innumerable educational institutes present here. Massachusetts Institute of Technology originated in Boston. Apart from that, Harvard School of Business, Harvard School of Medicine, Tufts University and Boston University are all located within the city and are considered the best institutes for education in the world. Research in every field is carried out in abundance in Boston. Most of the prestigious hospitals in Boston are affiliated with Harvard Medical School and Tufts Medical Center. In this way, patients are given the best treatment possible.

Recreational Activities In Boston:

Boston Recreational Activities

Boston Recreational Activities

Since, Boston is a pretty educational city; the only sorts of recreation people prefer are reading, hiking and a visit to the museum. A chain of parks called the Emerald Necklace encircles the city. The best park present in Emerald Necklace is Franklin Park. It is the largest and the best made park of the city and has a diverse flora. Within this park, is located the Franklin Zoo which has a lot of endangered species of fauna carefully prevented from extinction. One of the neighborhoods of Boston includes Charlestown which has many beaches for people to visit. These beaches are mainly located in Castle Island. Other places to visit are Boston Public Library, Christian Science Center, etc.

When to Go Boston:

The best time to visit Boston is in the month of October.  Although situated on one of the banks of River Charles, the climate of Boston is pretty extreme. The summers are really sultry and winters are cold and harsh. This is the reason why, October is the most suitable month for visiting Boston. March, although a little warm is a good month to visit too because of the spring season. Also, in March, the most famous International Music Festival is hosted by the Berkeley College of Music. It is a highly recognized and visited event.

If one is looking for an education filled vacation, then Boston is the perfect choice for doing so. Know more about accommodation, things to do in Boston, transportation, etc. on with Boston travel guide.

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