Tourist Activities In Abu Dhabi

Magnificent things to do in Abu Dhabi for tourists

Being one of the seven emirates, Abu Dhabi is a famed tourist’s destination with immaculate beaches, exceptional infrastructure, and countless options for Abu Dhabi activities. We are blessed to have countless cheap flights to check in and enjoy the magic this emirate has for its visitors. I really had a great time personally and my favored spot was the Yas Marina circuit where Grand Pix would be hosted. The best time I suggest for stepping into Abu Dhabi is from November to February which is cool and suitable for outdoor wandering throughout the island. As tourists I enjoyed the enjoyable things to do in Abu Dhabi and would like to share a few of my experiences.

Recreational Activities In Abu Dhabi

Off Road Driving

The combination of empty dunes with challenged driving will put you under thrill and fear when eager drivers drive the way through the sand in full speed. I just rented a four wheel with expert driver and set out to the sand. You better make sure that your car is ensured with proper equipment’s. If you’re new to off road driving then, numerous tour companies are there in Abu Dhabi to help out.


I made my Abu Dhabi trip memorable by camping, which means night in the desert under the stars. You can rent a four wheeler and buy quality equipment’s such as tent and sleeping bag which is sufficient for a night out. This outdoor activity was memorable and different from all the other trips I enjoyed in life, hope you never miss out Abu Dhabi camping when you get a chance to fly.

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Scuba Diving And Snorkeling

The glorious water of the Persian Gulf is the home for the countless varieties of fishes, sea mammals, and other marine life. Scuba diving and snorkeling made my entire trip a striking one. The coastal bordering of Abu Dhabi has small islands which are suited for Scuba diving and snorkeling which are activities which must be enjoyed.

Camel Safari

Abu Dhabi activities are never completed without a camel safari. It stands to be a different way of touring sites on camel. I really enjoyed the ride which was different from the usual car driving mechanically. Tour operators are available at various Abu Dhabi tourist destinations through camel safari. Don’t forget to experience this splendid drive on camel which can never be experienced in any other place.

Wadi Bashing

There are number of activities to do in Abu Dhabi apart from sightseeing. My most favorite one was the thrilling and exciting Wadi Bashing, where four wheelers drive at crazy speeds sideways of stony, river beds. I really enjoyed and was excited the way my car travelled down the river beds.

These are a few recreational activities in Abu Dhabi I focused on, by the list has never ended there are lots to explore and enjoy, grab the opportunity to fly to Abu Dhabi and enjoy the activities. For more details about nightlife, shopping, accommodation, sightseeing, hotels, daytrips, and lots more Abu Dhabi city travel guide who favored me a lot will guide you too for help.

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