Florence – A great cultural city in Italy

If you have to known about Italian culture then Florence city is the best place to visit in Italy. Florence is one of the oldest cities in Italy so here you can visit many cultural and historical landmarks. All Florence tourist attractions will give you the exact reflection of values and virtues of Italian history and culture.

Florence is known as birth place of Opera music and and the Italian Renaissance. During the period of 1865 to 1871 Florence was the capital of Kingdom of Italy. This was the golden period of Florence and so many cultural, historical and religious takes place during this period. All of the major tourist places to visit in Florence city are in good, well preserved condition. Mercato Nuovo place, San macro church are some of the best historical tourist attractions which you should not miss in your trip to Florence. The following collage image of Florence city will give you best idea about how great and royal Florence tourist destinations are !!

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